Sapim - Czar replacement spokes
  • Sapim - Czar replacement spokes
  • Sapim - Czar replacement spokes

Sapim - Czar replacement spokes

Bike: Czar Ion 24"
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Replacement spokes for the Czar Ion and Czar Neuron 24" bikes. Made by Sapim, these are significantly stronger than spokes found in outgoing 2019 and earlier models. 

Before purchase make sure your bike has the following rims and hubs:

  • Czar Neuron: Czar 15mm front, Czar rear freehub
  • Czar Ion: Echo disc front hub, Echo disc rear hub
  • Rims: Please check image #2 for reference. If your rim looks different, these spokes will not fit.


  • Thickness 2.0mm
  • Plain gauge, black finish
  • Sapim Polyax nipple, 14mm
  • Price for set of 64 (2 wheels)
  • Instruction sheet for your wheel builder included!

Lacing patterns:

The lacing pattern for these spokes may differ so it is imperative that you rebuild the entire wheel rather than replace broken spokes. Besides the possibility that the spokes will not fit the lacing pattern you are running on your bike, using a mix of old and new spokes on a fatigued wheel will cause excessive stress on new spokes and may lead to premature failure.

All pulling spokes should be installed on the outside of both flanges for a symmetrical build. Radial spokes in Ion front wheel must be run on the inside of the flange. 

Ion Front Ion Rear Neuron Front Neuron Rear
Disc side 238 (3X) 238 (3X) 238 (3X) 238 (3X)
Drive side 232 (R) 240 (3X) 240 (3X) 238 (3X)
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