About Trialshop.pl

At Trialshop.pl we offer worldwide shipping on all products we stock. Below you will find all the relevant information regarding shipping to the UK.

Orders are usually dispatched within 1 working day of payment (this does not include weekends or bank holidays). We strive to maintain this service across our range of products, whether it's a freewheel or a complete bike which requires assembly and preparation. On rare occasions shipping may be delayed by an additional day.


The minimum order value is £160. This is caused by unfortunate tax laws imposed by UK regulators which make it difficult for exporters such as us to send items of sub £135 value to the UK. We add a £25 bufor to this limiit for unforseen currency fluctuations. 

Orders shipped to the UK are sold VAT free. Depending on your IP, you may already be shown VAT-free prices but to be sure, opening an account and adding a shipping address will ensure you are displayed the correct taxes (or lack thereof) for your region. An "including taxes" label may still appear next to a net price. This merely indicates that there are no additional taxes to pay at checkout.


Your order will undergo customs clearance upon arrival in your country and import duties (if applicable) and 20% VAT will be charged to you. 

Your purchase at our shop is always VAT free meaning you will be displayed a lower price than an EU resident / EU shipping address. Since VAT in Poland is 23%, you are actually saving 3%!

Customs clearance is the process of calculating taxes and duty once your order reaches the UK. Customs clearance is carried out by the carrier. 

VAT - You will be charged 20% VAT from the order total (including shipping and duty).

Duty - This tax is calculated as a percentage of the value of individual goods on the invoice and can be tricky to calculate ahead of time. As a rule of thumb, all bikes we sell are manufactured in Poland or the EU and are therefore not subject to duty (only VAT will be charged on your order). With regards to individual components, duty may be charged if they are of Chineese or Taiwaneese origin. 

A duty calculator is available here: https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff

Taxes and duty are invoiced by the carrier before, during or after you take delivery of your order. 


We ship to the UK using UPS, GLS or FedEx and the available carrier will depend on the size of your order. Sometimes more than one carrier will be available. Estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days with any minor deviations resulting from small delays in customs clearance. As of now, we do not offer a choice between Express and Economy Express services. With some addresses and orders, the difference in price between these two services is negligible - if so, we will always ship using the quicker option. 

We reserve the right to change your carrier of choice depending on the availability of the service at the time of shipping. You will not be charged for any changes.

Shipping to the UK ranges from £14 for small items to £60 for bikes.