About Trialshop.pl

At Trialshop.pl we offer worldwide shipping on all products we stock. Below you will find all the relevant information regarding shipping to the EU.

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Orders are usually dispatched within 1 working day of payment (this does not include weekends or bank holidays). We strive to maintain this service across our range of products, whether it's a freewheel or a complete bike which requires assembly and preparation. On rare occasions shipping may be delayed by an additional day.


For orders within the EU, we offer shipping by DPD, GLS, UPS and FedEx. GLS carries 24 and 26" Inspired bikes, DPD handles everything else. FedEx offers shipping of parts at a competitive rate.

By default, if you are not logged in our shop will assume a Polish shipping address and show fees accordingly. You must log in and add a shipping address to receive the correct quote for your region.

We reserve the right to change your carrier of choice depending on availability of the service when shipping. You will not be charged for any changes.


Customers based in the European Union do not pay any duties or tax. The order will be delivered to you exactly like it would if you were ordering locally - and because we process orders very quickly, it might even arrive earlier!

Customers with an EU VAT number can purchase items VAT-free on the condition that the invoice and shipping addresses are the same. We deduct VAT manually after you have placed your order. If you are paying by bank transfer, we will contact you with an updated total (please be patient, this may take up to 1 working day). If you are paying by card, PayPal or other online means, we will refund you VAT after you have paid and your order has been verified. Sometimes the refund can take up to 7 days to clear. 


Prices below are for preview purposes only and may differ by no more than 10% from what you will be charged. The shipping price displayed upon checkout is what you will pay.

Delivery times range between 2-4 working days. The closer you are to Poland, the quicker. 

DPD has a fixed rate regardless of whether you are ordering a spoke or a complete bike. UPS is volume dependant and will transport everything apart from bikes. The quote in the table is the starting price for a small packet with a big box costing around 20% more than the base price. Some Inspired bikes will ship using GLS but the price is the same as DPD.

Country DPD UPS
Germany €20.40 €12.00
Austria €20.40 €14.00
Italy €29.60 €18.00
Spain €38.40 €20.00
Netherlands €22.75 €15.00
Belgium €21.50 €15.00
Denmark €20.50 N/A
Finland €34.80 €19.00
Slovenia €32.30 €19.00
Czech Republic €20.50 €14.00
Lithuania €21.00 €18.00
Latvia €22.50 €19.00
Estonia €23.50 €19.00
Slovakia €20.00 €19.00
Ireland €38.15 N/A
Hungary €26.00 €19.00
Portugal €41.70 €21.00
Sweden €33.80 €19.00
Bulgaria €40.00 €19.00
Greece €50.00 N/A
Romania €40.00 €19.00
France €25.00 €15.00