About Trialshop.pl

At Trialshop.pl we offer worldwide shipping on all products we stock. Below you will find all the relevant information regarding shipping outside the EU or Britain.

Orders are usually dispatched within 1 working day of payment (this does not include weekends or bank holidays). We strive to maintain this service across our range of products, whether it's a freewheel or a complete bike which requires assembly and preparation. On rare occasions shipping may be delayed by an additional day.


Orders outside the EU are handled by FedEx, GLS and UPS. The carrier available to your region will depend on which of these two offers the best price. Sometimes more than one carrier will be available.

As of yet we do not have a carrier set up for every region of the world. If you are from a region which our webshop does not handle, simply drop us an email. We can and will ship to your country but we need to establish shipping costs before you can finalize your order. 

Orders shipped outside the EU are sold VAT free. Depending on your IP, you may already be shown VAT-free prices but to be sure, opening an account and adding a shipping address will ensure you are displayed the correct taxes (or lack thereof) for your region. You can check whether the prices are displayed correctly by clicking here.

We reserve the right to change your carrier of choice depending on availability at the time of shipping. You will not be charged for any changes.


Your order will undergo customs clearance upon arrival in your country and import duties and VAT (if applicable) will be charged to you.

VAT-free purchase - When we ship items outside the EU, we do not charge the 23% Polish VAT rate which is included in the price of all products on our website. This results in the prices of all items being significantly lower which partially offsets the costs of paying VAT and duty when you receive your order. Once you open an account with us, the webshop will automatically deduct VAT from the price of all products. Please note that based on your IP, you may be seeing VAT-free prices even before you open an account. 

Customs clearance - the process of calculating taxes and duty once your order reaches the border of your country. This is carried out by the shipping company.

VAT - Most countries use a Value Added Tax which is calculated as a percentage of the invoice total once your order goes through customs. One notable country which does not have VAT added to imported goods is the US.

Duty - This is a tax which is charged based on the type of good you are importing and is more difficult to calculate ahead of placing your order. Tariffs can be different on bikes and bike parts and may even differ between specific bike parts such as wheels or frames. If you would like to find out the duty for bikes or bike parts, please contact your customs office for information. They should be able to give you a very good indication of what to expect. Duty is charged as a percentage of the value of each item individually.

Paying taxes and duty - The invoice will be sent to you by the shipping company before, during or after you take delivery of your order. 


The carriers available to you may change on a regular basis as we are always looking out for better deals. Usually, orders will ship using FedEx or GLS. Estimated delivery time is 5-9 business days with any minor deviations resulting from delays in customs clearance. Sometimes more than one carrier may be available for your region. 

Shipping fees calculated by our shopping cart system are always accurate and this is what you will pay. For preview purposes,  please find below an estimate for shipping to the most common regions we ship orders to.

If you are from a different country, simply drop us an email for a quote and state what you would like to order so we get an idea of the size and weight of the box. Please note that the fees listed below are a good indication of how much shipping will be to a non-listed region.

Small items Medium items Large items Bikes
USA and Canada (USD) $39.00 $69.00 $90.00 $184.00
Japan €37.00 €75.00 €108.00 €175.00
Norway €32.00 €42.00 €66.00 €73.00
Switzerland €32.00 €42.00 €66.00 €66.00
Israel €30.00 €55.00 €90.00 €180.00