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    We're constantly expanding our offer of street-trials bikes. If you haven't found the bike you're looking for below, please email us at info at for a delivery date and price.

  • Beginner bikes
  • Kid bikes
  • Czar bikes

    Czar is a brand under Echo Bikes which produces affordable street-trials bikes. The current lineup consists of bikes of all wheel sizes. Ion bikes are the entry model featuring a trials drivetrain and low weight. Neuron bikes feature a more robust design with tapered forks, special tubing and stiffer axles - especially important on larger, 26" wheels.

    Bikes branded "Evo" are a modified build we have created for improved performance and reliability. All bikes feature stronger spokes while the Ion comes with a re-worked drivetrain.  

  • Inspired bikes

    This is where it all began - Inspired is the brand behind the rapid success of street-trials as a continuously growing sport. With each bike being the result of generations of customer feedback, the reliability and performance are second to none. Each bike comes with Inspired's excellent customer service which we proudly represent.

  • Echo bikes
  • Jitsie bikes
  • Extention Bikes

    All of Extention bicycles share the same frame geometry with a streety appeal thanks to the short wheelbase. While this is highly subjective, we consider the geometry of these bikes to be among the very best this sport has seen. Despite the similarity to other short bikes on paper, these bikes feature a unique characteristic thanks to geometry tweaks which go beyond - and are not reflected in - the standard bike measurements.

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