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Clean carbon handlebars


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Carbon fibre Clean handlebars for competition oriented riders. The two available rises also differ vastly in handlebar geometry allowing you to chose the perfect setup for your riding style. The 103mm bars are recommended for 20" bikes and 107mm - for 26" bikes. The geometry allows a natural wrist position when bars are strongly tilted forwads. 

  • Width: 730mm
  • Clamp thickness: 31.8mm
  • 103mm rise offers 12* upsweep and 9* backsweep. Maximum rise 107mm
  • 107mm rise offers 8* upsweep and 6* backsweep. Maximum rise 109mm
  • Weight: 197g and 199g respectively

103 model available in black finish
107 model available in matt white finish

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Clean carbon handlebars