You can start learning this move after mastering the lifting of the rear wheel without using brakes. This technique is not suitable for any kind of jumps onto an obstacle. However, its principle is an absolute foundation in trials and, from a technical point of view, is no different from static jumps.

How to start?

The starting position is riding while standing with a neutrally positioned body mass (we do not lean forward or backward). The principle of lifting the rear wheel is identical to what you already know but with the added pull on the handlebars with our hands. The jump comes from bent arms - the movement is similar to doing a push-up with hands lifting off the ground. We want to gain some momentum in the torso before pulling the bars up. While bending the arms and legs for the jump, it will be helpful to shift the body weight slightly forward. When in the air, bend your arms and legs to pull the bike up higher.

Contrary to appearances, it is an easy technique; the focus should primarily be on coordination and using the right muscles.