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  • VAT free price checker

VAT free price checker

$ 203,25
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This product is intended to determine whether you are seeing a VAT-free price for your order. All orders shipped outside the EU are sold VAT-free. If you are from outside the EU, our geolocation should detect this and show you VAT-free prices.

The prices you see on our website are VAT-free if this product costs (+/- 3%)

  • 186.89 Euro
  • 225.44 US Dollars
  • 813 Polish Zloty

If the product price is significantly higher to the above, you are being displayed VAT inclusive prices. If you are from outside the EU, please open an account with us and add a shipping address to have the tax calculated correctly. If you are still seeing a VAT inclusive price after performing the above step, please contact using the form in the bottom right hand corner so we can assist.

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