Czar integrated sprung tensioner
  • Czar integrated sprung tensioner
  • Czar integrated sprung tensioner

Czar integrated sprung tensioner

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  • CNC machined main arm for maximum strength
  • Steel coil spring
  • CNC machined 9T alloy jockey wheels with poliurethane bearings in black
  • Adjustable chain line
  • 10.9 mounting bolts included
  • Weight: 73.1g

The product images are exemplary and the current line of tensioners may look different to the image. Please read through this information carefully before purchasing.

This product comes from our "in case of warranty" stash. Following Czar's closure these popular tensioners are now released to purchase on a first come, first serve basis. The Czar tensioner is somewhat problematic in it's design and a common failure point in Czar bikes which are used hard. As such, these tensioners are sold as defective/faulty (though brand new) and are not subject to any liability on our behalf in case of damage or failure.

Included with the chain tensioners is a fix we have developed which comprises of 6 nylon spacers and significantly increases the longevity of this item. The nylon spacers have a cut in them allowing them to be installed on the spindle (without removing it), on either side of the jockey wheels (3 per wheel). The nylon spacers are very flexible and are easiest installed using two pairs of pliers to spread the spacer apart. 

Spacer installation:

  • Install tensioner and chain
  • Perform a couple of rotations of the crank. This will align the jockey wheels on their respective spindles
  • Check how many spacers will loosely fit on either side of the jockey wheels (never install more than will fit comfortably in the gap)
  • Remove tensioner to install the spacers
  • Re-install and ride
  • If the tensioner is tight remove the chain and waggle the tensioner up and down through the tight spot while it is on the bike. After a minute or so the tensioner should get loose enough to maintain good tension.

Hint: on most Czar bikes, we have found that 2 spacers on the inside (wheel side) and 1 on the outside of each jockey wheel does the trick but this may vary between bikes.

Available in 2 versions:

  • M8 mounting bolt with 9T jockey wheels
  • M6 mounting bolt with 9T jockey wheels


  • Neuron: all Neuron models
  • Ion: The Ion came with a different version of this tensioner featuring 7T jockey wheels. We have succesfully used the 9T model on Ion bikes but with an elongated chain. 

Cross comatibility: Frames designed for the M6 version feature a 10mm mounting hole. Frames for the M8 version use an 8mm hole. Therefore, it is possible to use the M8 tensioner on a M6 compatible frame but we recommend adding a bushing so as to better locate the tensioner in the frame. 

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