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Bike intake

Bike intake

Inspired and Extention bicycles are currently on intake and during this time, we will not be shipping any orders and will remain closed.

The following bikes are expected to be back in stock:

- Extention Heimdall in black and red
- Extention Edith and Edith Pro
- Extention Jarvis in silver and ghost white
- Extention Avenger in ghost white

A very limited quantity of Inspired bicycles will be available:

- Flow 22"
- Flow 24"
- Flow 24" Plus
- Flow XP

We are accepting reservations for any of the bikes above via email: Please state the desired specification and we'll get back to you when the bikes will be ready to order through our website. Please note that currently MT5 and MT Trail Sport brakes are unavailable.

All Inspired bikes will begin to ship after the 14th. A limited quantity of Extention bikes will ship from the 14th while we wait for our wheel builder to prepare the remaining wheelsets.