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Updated payment policy

Updated payment policy

As of January 2019 we are changing our payment policy. Prices of all products in EUR / USD / GBP have been lowered by 9% permanently.

In short: up until now all product prices for our international customers included a PayPal fee and currency exchange fee within the price of the product. We have set up a payment method which allows you to avoid all of these fees. From now on, you will only be charged if you chose to pay by PayPal.

I'm in. What is it? It's been around for ages and it's bank wire transfer. We've now set things up so that no exchange fees are present.

So is this completely free? Nothing is ever free. Expect to pay 1-5 EUR for a bank transfer. Most importantly though, the fee is fixed regardless of the transfer total.

Is this as fast as PayPal? No. PayPal is instant, bank transfers take around 24 hours. We require around 1 day to process your order anyway so in the end, the wait is pretty much the same.

Is there any buyer protection when using bank transfer? No, there isn't. Buyer protection is especially important when ordering from an unknown source. However, has established itself as a reliable retailer over the past 11 years having served thousands of customers across Europe, in the US and Asia. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and would never allow you to even consider using buyer protection to secure your interests. Hence you're paying the fee purely for the convenience of using PayPal. 

If I decide to go with PayPal, does this mean I'll end up paying more now? No. In fact, you'll probably pay around 1% less than before the change since the new method gives us accurate control over exchange rates, fees and taxes. The only difference is that you will now see exactly how much PayPal is charging for its service. Previously, this cost was hidden within the product price.

The PayPal fee is 7.6%. Seems very high compared to other websites? This is true. is located in Poland where the primary currency is Polish Zloty. While we allow for payments in 3 international currencies we will eventually have to exchange them to Polish Zloty. This incurs an extra fee which is not present if you buy from a eurozone shop in Euro, for instance. The fee breakdown is as follows:

3% covers standard payment fees
3% covers exchange fees 
A sales tax of 23% is added on top of the above 

How come there's no exchange fee for bank transfers? PayPal forces merchants to use their currency exchange platform before withdrawing funds. Through traditional banking we are able to exchange currencies at a negligible fee of 0.2%.

Can I get a good deal paying by credit card? Sadly, no. Credit card payments are still handled by PayPal.

I'm a Polish customer, pay in Zloty, have a shipping address in Poland and have somehow found myself reading this in English. Do I get 9% off too? Prices for domestic customers never included any fees since PayPal is disabled for our Polish customers. Therefore, this update does not affect pricing in Polish Zloty.